Pre-School Gymnastics

We offer permanent and casual classes dependent on child's needs and age. See below options:

Play Gym

Class Type: Casual Class

Suitable for: Children from Crawling to 5 years

Description: Play Gym offers opportunities for children to work on their gross and fine motor development during this free play session. Qualified coaches will set up age appropriate activities and be there to supervise the session and offer assistance and guidance where needed. Parent assistance and participation is essential.


  • Tuesday 11:45am-12:45pm
  • Thursday 11:45am-12:45pm

 Pre School gymnastics 1

Pre Gym

Class Type: Permanent Weekly Classes

Suitable for: Children from 2.5 years to 4 years

Description: The YMCA Pre Gym aims to develop basic coordination, balance, spatial and body awareness in a fun environment that promotes socialisation. The program uses many pieces of gymnastics apparatus including bars, beams, rings, trampolines, ropes, balls, parachutes and other hand apparatus. Pre Gym is a parent assisted program. The children love having a parent or carer to help or encourage them. Your reinforcement of what they are being taught will also facilitate their early learning.


  • Operate Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings 

Kinder Fun

Class Type: Ongoing weekly classes

Suitable for: Children aged 4-5 years who follow instruction without parent assistance

Description: Designed to ensure that motor, cognitive, social and emotional learning occurs in an enjoyable way. Classes develop co-ordination, balance, spatial and body awareness, confidence, self-esteem and listening skills in an environment that promotes socialisation. Kinder Fun does not require the assistance of parents during the session however Parents are required to stay in the gymnastic area during the class. Kinder Fun is a structured program which also incorporates some exploratory play. Themes accompany the program to make the learning experience even more enjoyable. Themes include jungle animals, dinosaurs, farm, nursery rhymes and space. We encourage your child to participate and progress at their own rate. Remember observation is also participation.


  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings
  • Tuesday to Friday afternoons

 Pre School   Little big gym

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