School holiday programs

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School holiday programs are an opportunity for your child to grow and learn from new experiences. Our holiday programs are created with the right mixture of fun, adventure and interest-based activities through excursions and incursions helping kids become more confident and independent individuals.

If your child is aged between 4 – 12 years old and enrolled in primary school, they will love our school holiday program!

  • Program dates – Tuesday, April 3rd to Friday, April 13th 2018
  • Operational hours - 7.30 am - 6.00 pm
  • Bookings open – Monday, April 5th 2018

If your child hasn't used our programs before, you will need to register here

If your child has additional needs please contact the service 4 week prior to the program starting so we can arrange funding.

Your out of pocket expense could be reduced if you are eligible for a government rebate since our School Holiday Programs are government approved.

Contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 for more information and your eligibility for CCB, CCR or JET entitlements.

At the YMCA, we believe in instilling positive and healthy attitudes at an early age by providing a safe, nurturing and fun environment for children to reach their full potential.

Our experience working with children means that we understand their individual needs - we know it’s not a one size fits all approach! That’s why we have a range of programs to help improve your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. They will also have lots of fun with us!

YMCA Victoria is an accredited child safe organisation, so you know your child’s safety is our top priority. We have high staff ratios with a minimum of two staff working at all times.