Mental Health Week

  • Date: 09 October 2017
  • Category: General
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Mental Health Week (8th - 14th of October)

The significant benefits that physical exercise has on the mind has become clear over the years. It has shown to  reduce stress, increase the release of endorphins (happy chemicals), improve self confidence, alleviate anxiety, help combat the symptoms of depression, sharpen memory, help control addiction and increase relaxation.

In light of this, Macleod YMCA is proud to support Mental Health Week and we are running a number of FREE sessions along with our Full Moon Meditation on Friday to help everyone experience the benefits of physical activity.

The following classes are available for FREE throughout Mental Health Week

  • Monday 7:30pm - Pilates with Alison
  • Tuesday 9:30am - Body Barre with Molly
  • Wednesday 7:00pm - Yoga with Fiona
  • Thursday 10:15am - Body Balance with Karina
  • Friday 7:00pm - Full Moon Meditation with Mardi
  • Saturday 9:10am - Yoga with Deb