The evolution of your program

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We’ve all felt uninspired by our gym program at some stage. It can be hard to get motivated, especially when you’re not achieving your goals.

The change needed isn’t new gear or supplements, it’s what you’re doing in the gym. And there’s a difference between a program, and effective, results-based programming.

You may have seen gym programs online, in magazines, or had one created for you. Clear and tailored programming is what separates people who meet their goals, and those who are still yet to feel any different.

Your programming should evolve as you progress.

Programming is planning for success. It’s goal-oriented, varied and tailored to you. If you remain committed the results can be outstanding.

We’ve listed the three key elements you need to improve your programming. Our YMCA Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers are experts in this area. Speak with them today about developing your new, results-based program.


1. Segmentation

Think about what you want to achieve in the near future. Do you want to get stronger shoulders? Maybe run 10km at a certain pace? 

Training in blocks focuses your goals. It ensures your training is tailored exactly to your needs, with specific outcomes and timeframes. If you have a fun run coming up in three months, your training should be segmented to achieve this goal – whether that’s a certain time or just completing the race without stopping.

If you’re time poor, don’t stress. You can still have a properly segmented program. That’s what our Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers can provide you with.


2. Variation

Varying what you do and how you do it is crucial. Rep schemes and movements should change over the course of weeks or months.

Running 5km every day in the lead up to a fun run isn’t going to increase your performance. You need to include different types of running, like max effort sprints or holding split times over 800m. These change-ups ensure your body is constantly tested.

You’ll also see benefits by incorporating other elements. If you are preparing for a running event, yoga and group fitness classes complement your training and help boost performance. 


3. Progression

As you progress you’ll see big changes in your performance. You can up weights and deal with higher intensity workouts. Movement patterns you may have struggled with in the beginning will be easier as your body adapts to your training. 

As your performance improves your body composition will change. Whether that’s bigger muscles or a leaner midline, changes come as a result of your new abilities.

For a fun run, a program will test your ability to handle the distance and running at certain speeds. Come race day you’ll know exactly what you’re capable of and can set realistic targets.

Developing a properly segmented and progressive program is what our YMCA Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers can provide you. They can map out a plan that works around your schedule with check points along the way. Book in for an appointment to get you started.

This article was developed by Jerram Newton, YMCA Victoria Functional Training Manager.